Red Line Book Festival

TEDxTallaght 2013: Tara Wood - Re-Wilding Yourself

TEDxTallaght 2013: Niall Harbison - Work, Fear, Death.

TEDxTallaght 2013: Rick Gannotta - Mindfullness in a High Reliability Life

TEDxTallaght 2013: Liam Ryan - Changin Behaviour: We are More than just Rational Robots

TEDxTallaght 2013: Gerry Duffy- The Habits of High Achievers

TEDxTallaght 2013: Orlaith Carmody- Find a Customer not a Job

TEDxTallaght 2013: Michael Bhaskar- Creativity & Information

TEDxTallaght 2012: Maureen Gaffney - The Science & Art of Crafting your Story

TEDxTallaght 2012: Paul Lee - 3D Superhero: Unleashing your Creativity in SketchUp

TEDxTallaght 2012: PR Smith: How Sportsmanship Can Save The World

TEDxTallaght 2012: Catriona Crowe - Archives & The Citizen: Some Social Effects of the 1911 Census Online.

TEDxTallaght 2012: Michael Rossney - Change Your Story, Change Your Life

TEDxTallaght 2012: Jo Verrent - Under the Covers - The Perils of (Literary) Stereotypes

TEDxTallaght 2012: Cathal Garvey - Cypherpunks & Biohackers:

Remaking the Oldest Technology with Lessons from the Newest